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Park Boulevard gives back: St Thomas Home for Children

St Thomas Home for Children is a child and youth care centre based in eThekwini, KZN, that has been caring for abandoned, orphaned or vulnerable children since 1959. Their mission is not just to give their kids a meal and a place to sleep, but provide early childhood development and primary school education, life skills, sports and recreation, arts and culture, activities, outings and so much more.

There are currently around 60 children in their care, all between the ages of 2-10 years. The boys and girls in their care have either been orphaned or abandoned, or have parents who are unable to take care of them for various reasons. The home works with social workers in the area to identify children in need so they can give them the support and attention they deserve. Where possible, the St Thomas team seeks to reunite the kids with their families, should situations change.

Central to their programme is a meal plan that has been curated by a nutritionist, ensuring that each child gets the nutrients they need for strong and healthy growth. They also focus on giving their kids a well-rounded upbringing, with dining areas, play areas, a homework centre, a playground and a garden where the children plant flowers.

This dedication to giving back to those in need resonates with the team at Park Boulevard. We are always looking for ways to support the home in any way possible. Recently, we were able to donate 60 towels to the kids, and we look forward to continuing to assist the home in giving their children a healthy and happy upbringing in the very near future.

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